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The Best of 2017: 10 Product Innovations We’re Watching Now

Innovation is a must-have survival skill for today’s company. And it’s about more than developing new products and services. Being able to make predictions about the future of commerce, take risks and adapt to the changing market is essential to success. The world is changing—competition is becoming faster, smarter and more global. Consumers have options. That means they have increased expectations of the products and services they receive. What’s the bottom line? The company that can best meet a customer’s changing needs not only survives, but flourishes in today’s market. What is innovation? So, what is innovation? Merriam-Webster would define it as the introduction of a new idea, method or device. In the industrial world, it means something much greater. Industrial manufacturing remains vital to the world from its research and development to the products that make it to market. These innovations save lives, create safer workplaces, protect the environment and make the world a better place to live.

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