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Need a better spill response?

You understand the need for effective oil spill control. It’s important that you have easy access to fast and effective spill cleanup products, especially when spills occur near waterways.

Revolutionary oil spill control products. Absorbs Oil. Filters Water.

We know a thing or two about spills.

We were asked countless times why traditional, white oil-only spill pads didn’t work in wet weather, so we decided to do something about it. An understanding of physics, some industry knowledge and an insatiable desire to constantly improve led us to find the solution. Would  you like to know more?


Engineered to clean up oil in wet conditions, Spilltration® Products are different.

They are designed to contain oil and fuel leaks and spills in wet weather. Spilltration fibers grab and hold oil while allowing clean water to wick through. Oil sticks. Water wicks.

Our pads allow water to filter through and contain the oil or fuel, but we also thought of something else. We have placed strategic grommets on our Spilltration® Husky PolyBack Rugs that can be used to fasten where necessary. This prevents them from blowing around in windy conditions. What does this mean for you? Less product loss and waste!


The Spilltration® Product line is made from post-consumer and post-industrial materials. Bonus, Spilltration® Husky pads and Spilltration® Shammy Towels can be re-used again and again, reducing waste output. Doesn’t that just make you feel good about helping the environment?


What does this mean to you?

You use less material and save 300-400% on products, labor and disposal costs.

Not to mention, you prevent the oil spill from reaching waterways.

Save time. Save money. Protect the environment.

Go ahead and give it a try. Once you see how well our products hold up in wet conditions as well as dry, you may never go back to those outdated sorbents.

Here’s a peek at just a few of the innovative products in the Spilltration® lineup: 


Spills happen. When they do, you need containment and clean up products that work quickly and effectively. HalenHardy™ offers solutions to all of your containment, clean-up and decontamination needs.

Traditional spill cleanup materials just don’t work in rainy weather. It pays to use Spilltration® Products…specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

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