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A fuel oil truck wrecks on a steep mountain curve.

Almost 1,000 gallons of #2 fuel oil leaks onto the bank, heading for the headwaters of a pristine mountain stream.

The #1 job is to try to prevent the oil from spreading downstream at the bottom of a hilly and rocky ravine.  

Building an underflow dam with 500 to 700 sandbags and pipes is a logistical nightmare that will take a crew more than a day.  

The engineering firm in charge of the job had a better idea.

Install a lightweight, portable WaterGate Instant Underflow Dam.  So we got the call.

Within two hours, the HalenHardy crew arrived on scene and installed a 21-inch high x 30-foot long WaterGate dam and immediately stopped more than 95% of the oil from going further downstream.  See the photo below

WaterGate holding back fuel oil on headwaters of trout stream.jpg

The WaterGate instant underflow dam uses the weight of the water to secure the dam to the stream bed.  The oil rises to the top of the dam where it was cleaned up with sorbent materials while clean water flowed beneath the base.

Not only did it save thousands of dollars, but it also prevented the spill from polluting the high-value trout stream. 

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